June 2, 2023

Leisure Books

In all my years of collecting horror paperbacks, I have always had a soft spot for Leisure Books. One of the most popular articles on my personal website is an article called 1980s Pulp Horror: The Lurid Days of Leisure. My first recollection of reading a title published by Leisure was during an extended visit to my grandmother’s house as a teenager. I was bored and she knew it. She also knew I loved to read. One day she came back to the house with a paper bag full of paperbacks. The first one I chose to read was Late At Night by William Schoell. I loved it. And so it began, my ongoing hunt for Leisure Books.

I once tried to dig a little deeper into the history of the publishing label.

Some of the earliest books I have seen with the Leisure Books name were published in the mid-1970s.

The Sharpshooter #3: Blood Bath by Bruno Rossi, published by Leisure Books. Image from a Mulholland Books article by Keith Breese.

They had a men’s action series called The Sharpshooter written by Bruno Rossi. I discovered The Sharpshooter series at Canton Trade Days, a massive flea-market here in Texas. An old cowboy had huge tables full of paperbacks. They were all westerns and action novels; unfortunately, they all looked like they had been carried in said cowboy’s saddle bag through a rainstorm. The men’s adventure novels published by Leisure back then had advertisements in the end pages for other books. These were of a slightly different flavor — “true confession” erotica.  I tend to wonder if Leisure began as a porn publisher and then branched into more mainstream fiction. It’s just speculation of course. I’d love to talk to someone who worked for the company back in the 1970s and hear the story.  The earliest Leisure horror novels I’ve come across so far are Golem by Barbara Anson (1978) and Black Fire by James Tarabilda (1980).  At the time, Leisure was an imprint of Nordon Publications. Sometime between 1981 and 1982, Leisure became an imprint of the Dorchester. About that time the Leisure cover art took a distinct turn toward the seriously awesome.

As I became more of a serious collector, I started to buy every Leisure horror novel I came across, including books with the BMI imprint. This quickly became unmanageable, not because of the Leisure titles alone, but because I bought every horror title I came across published in the 1980s and ’90s. This resulted in bookcases in every room of the house (not a bad thing, unless you were my wife or kids), but every bookcase was overflowing. Some of you may be grieved to know I sold off roughly 30 to 35 large boxes of paperbacks over a period of 5 years. I had to specialize. I began to focus on two things — only my favorite authors, and only books I actually wanted to read. So, my scans represent what I have left. My #horrorinthewild series on Twitter helps with the urge to buy everything. This way I still have a record of them, which proves useful in compiling more definitive documentation on what was published by whom.

Years ago online, someone posted a list of Leisure horror titles. Based on what I’ve seen in the wild, I knew that list was not complete, but it was a good start. The source website, Gotham Guardian, has since disappeared. Fortunately, I saved the list, and updated it as I came across books that were not listed. That list is posted in the expandable section below. Note that many of these titles were later published under the BMI imprint, but those with the Leisure logo are the true first editions. If readers have updates to share, please let me know in the comments, and I will update when time allows.

Click the link below to expand the list of titles, organized by author.


List of Leisure Horror Titles
Author Title
Alexis, Katina Scorpion
Ames, J. Edward Death Crystal, The
Ames, J. Edward Force, The
Andrews, Mark Return of Jack the Ripper, The
Andrews, Mark Satan’s Manor
Anson, Barbara Golem
Avallone, Michael Friday the 13th Part 3 in 3-D
Barr, Sue Hollister Twisted
Beman, Donald Avatar
Beman, Donald Dead Love
Braunbeck, Gary A. In Silent Graves
Braunbeck, Gary A. Keepers
Braunbeck, Gary A. Mr. Hands
Brieno, Linda Pacemaker
Brellan, Marc Crossbearers
Burgess, Mason Blood Moon
Burgess, Mason Child of Demons
Burgess, Mason Graveyard
Burt, J. Douglas Senseless
Cacek, P.D. Night Prayers
Cacek, P.D. Wind Caller, The
Callahan, Jay Night of the Wolf
Castle, Mort Cursed Be the Child
Castle, Mort Moon on the Water
Castle, Mort Strangers, The
Cave, Hugh B. Dawning, The
Cave, Hugh B. Evil Returns, The
Clark, Bruce Deathstalk
Clark, Leigh Carnivore
Clark, Leigh Feeding, The
Clark, Simon Blood Crazy
Clark, Simon Darker
Clark, Simon Darkness Demands
Clark, Simon Death’s Dominion
Clark, Simon In This Skin
Clark, Simon Nailed by the Heart
Clark, Simon Stranger
Clark, Simon This Rage of Echoes
Clark, Simon Tower, The
Clark, Simon Vampyrrhic
Clegg, Douglas Abandoned, The
Clegg, Douglas Attraction, The
Clegg, Douglas Halloween Man, The
Clegg, Douglas Hour Before Dark, The
Clegg, Douglas Infinite, The
Clegg, Douglas Mischief
Clegg, Douglas Naomi
Clegg, Douglas Nightmare Chronicles, The
Clegg, Douglas Nightmare House
Clegg, Douglas You Come When I Call You
Clements, Mark A. Children of the End
Clements, Mark A. Lorelei
Collins, Max Allan & Barbara Regeneration
Conte, Sal Child’s Play
Conte, Sal Power, The
Crowther, Peter Longest Single Note, The
D’Ammassa, Don Servants of Chaos
Devereaux, Robert Caliban and Other Tales
Devereaux, Robert Santa Steps Out
Douglas, Drake Creature
Douglas, Drake Undertow
Drake, Morgan Sacrifice
Dunbar, Robert Pines, The
Dunbar, Robert Shore, The
Ehly, Ehren M. Evil Eye
Ehly, Ehren M. Obelisk
Ehly, Ehren M. Totem
Epperson, S.K. Borderland
Epperson, S.K. Moons of Summer, The
Epperson, S.K. Nightmare
Essex, William From Below
Essex, William Pack, The
Essex, William Slime
Etchison, Dennis Death Artist, The
Etchison, Dennis ed. Museum of Horrors, The
Everson, John 13th, The
Everson, John Covenant
Everson, John Pumpkin Man, The
Everson, John Sacrifice
Everson, John Siren
Fain, Jeff Burning, The
Ferrario, Keith Deadly Friend
Ferrie, Richard Bloodrock
Forsythe, Richard Bishop’s Landing
Forsythe, Richard Fangs
Foster, Blair Love’s Unearthly Power
Foster, P.T. Vow, The
Friedman, Stuart Maniac
Gagliani, W.D. Wolf’s Bluff
Gagliani, W.D. Wolf’s Gambit
Gagliani, W.D. Wolf’s Trap
Garton, Ray Live Girls
Garton, Ray Loveliest Dead, The
Garton, Ray Night Life
Garton, Ray Ravenous
Giron, Sephera Birds and the Bees, The
Giron, Sephera Borrowed Flesh
Giron, Sephera House of Pain
Giron, Sephera Mistress of the Dark
Goddin, Jeffrey Blood of the Wolf
Goddin, Jeffrey Living Dead, The
Gonzalez, J.F. Beloved, The
Gonzalez, J.F. Shapeshifter
Gonzalez, J.F. Survivor
Gorman, Ed Dark Fantastic, The
Gorman, Ed Poker Club, The
Gorman, Ed Shadow Games
Goshgarian, Gary Rough Beast
Griffith, Kathryn Meyer Blood Forge
Griffith, Kathryn Meyer Evil Stalks the Night
Hagan, Chet Witching, The
Hautala, Rick Bedbugs
Hautala, Rick Mountain King, The
Hawk, Douglas D. Devouring, The
Higman, Dennis J. Pranks
Hoffman, Barry Born Bad
Hoffman, Barry Eyes of Prey
Hoffman, Barry Hungry Eyes
Hoffman, Barry Judas Eyes
Holleman, Gary L. Demon Fire
Holleman, Gary L. Hell-O-Ween
Holleman, Gary L. Ungrateful Dead
Holzer, Hans Secret of Amityville, The
Houarner, Gerard Beast That Was Max, The
Houarner, Gerard Road to Hell
Hutson, Shaun Breeding Ground
Hutson, Shaun Erebus
Hutson, Shaun Shadows
Hutson, Shaun Skull, The
Hutson, Shaun Slugs
Hutson, Shaun Spawn
Jacob, Charlee Haunter
Jacob, Charlee Symbiotic Fashion, This
Jacobs, Teri A. Void, The
James, Robert Blood Mist
Jefferson, Jemiah Drop of Scarlet, A
Jefferson, Jemiah Fiend
Jefferson, Jemiah Voice of the Dead
Jefferson, Jemiah Wounds
Keene, Brian A Gathering of Crows
Keene, Brian Castaways
Keene, Brian City of the Dead
Keene, Brian Conqueror Worms, The
Keene, Brian Dark Hollow
Keene, Brian Darkness of the Edge of Town
Keene, Brian Dead Sea
Keene, Brian Ghost Walk
Keene, Brian Ghoul
Keene, Brian Rising, The
Keene, Brian Urban Gothic
Kelleher, Ed & Vidal, Harriette Animus
Kelleher, Ed & Vidal, Harriette Breeder, The
Kelleher, Ed & Vidal, Harriette Madonna
Kelleher, Ed & Vidal, Harriette Prime Evil
Kelleher, Ed & Vidal, Harriette School, The
Kelleher, Ed & Vidal, Harriette Spell, The
Kenyon, Nate Bloodstone
Kenyon, Nate Bone Factory, The
Kenyon, Nate Reach, The
Kenyon, Nate Sparrow Rock
Ketchum, Jack Girl Next Door, The
Ketchum, Jack Lost, The
Ketchum, Jack Off Season
Ketchum, Jack Offspring
Ketchum, Jack Peaceable Kingdom
Ketchum, Jack Red
Ketchum, Jack She Wakes
Kidman, James Black Fire
Kingsley, Amanda Hellcat
Kisner, James Tower of Evil
Knight, H.R. What Rough Beast
Kurtinski, Pyotyr Thirst
Laidlaw, Marc 37th Mandala, The
Laimo, Michael Atmosphere
Laimo, Michael Dead Souls
Laimo, Michael Deep in the Darkness
Laimo, Michael Demonologist, The
Laimo, Michael Fires Rising
Lambirth, F. Edwin Rivard House, The
Largent, R. Karl Ancients
Largent, R. Karl Black Death
Largent, R. Karl Lake, The
Largent, R. Karl Pagoda
Largent, R. Karl Witch of Sixkill, The
Lawrence, Simon Pond, The
Laws, Stephen Darkfall
Laws, Stephen Fear Me
Laws, Stephen Ferocity
Laws, Stephen Wyrm, The
Laymon, Richard After Midnight
Laymon, Richard Among the Missing
Laymon, Richard Beast House
Laymon, Richard Bite
Laymon, Richard Blood Games
Laymon, Richard Body Rides
Laymon, Richard Cellar, The
Laymon, Richard Come Out Tonight
Laymon, Richard Cuts
Laymon, Richard Darkness, Tell Us
Laymon, Richard Endless Night
Laymon, Richard In The Dark
Laymon, Richard Into the Fire
Laymon, Richard Island
Laymon, Richard Lake, The
Laymon, Richard Midnight Tour, The
Laymon, Richard Night in the Lonesome October
Laymon, Richard One Rainy Night
Laymon, Richard Resurrection Dreams
Laymon, Richard Savage
Laymon, Richard To Wake the Dead
Laymon, Richard Traveling Vampire Show, The
Laymon, Richard & Lee, Edward & Ketchum, Jack Triage
Leader, Mary Salem’s Children
Lebbon, Tim Berserk
Lebbon, Tim Desolation
Lebbon, Tim Everlasting, The
Lebbon, Tim Face
Lebbon, Tim Fears Unnamed
Lebbon, Tim Nature of Balance, The
LeBlanc, Deborah Family Inheritance
LeBlanc, Deborah Grave Intent
LeBlanc, Deborah House Divided, A
LeBlanc, Deborah Morbid Curiosity
LeBlanc, Deborah Water Witch
Lee, Edward Backwoods, The
Lee, Edward Black Train, The
Lee, Edward Brides of the Impaler
Lee, Edward City Infernal
Lee, Edward Flesh Gothic
Lee, Edward Golem, The
Lee, Edward House Infernal
Lee, Edward Infernal Angel
Lee, Edward Lucifer’s Lottery
Lee, Edward Messenger
Lee, Edward Monstrosity
Lee, Edward Slither
Linzner, Gordon Oni, The
Little, Clegg, Golden and Piccirilli Four Dark Nights
Love, E.M. Dress Up
Malfi, Ronald Snow
March, Melisand Site, The
Massie, Elizabeth Shadow Dreams
Massie, Elizabeth Sineater
Massie, Elizabeth Welcome Back to the Night
Massie, Elizabeth Wire Mesh Mothers
Masterton, Graham Devil in Gray, The
Masterton, Graham Doorkeepers, The
Masterton, Graham Edgewise
Masterton, Graham House That Jack Built, The
Masterton, Graham Manitou Blood
Masterton, Graham Night Wars
Masterton, Graham Prey
Masterton, Graham Spirit
Maynard, L.H. & Sims, M.P.N. Demon Eyes
Maynard, L.H. & Sims, M.P.N. Shelter
McGivern, William P. & Maureen Seeing, The
Minton, T.M. Offerings
Mitchell, Mary Ann Ambrosial Flesh
Mitchell, Mary Ann Cathedral of Vampires
Mitchell, Mary Ann Drawn to the Grave
Mitchell, Mary Ann In the Name of the Vampire
Mitchell, Mary Ann Quenched
Mitchell, Mary Ann Tainted Blood
Mitchell, Mary Ann Vampire de Sade, The
Moore, James A. Fireworks
Moore, James A. Possessions
Moore, James A. Rabid Growth
Moore, James A. Under the Overtree
Morris, Mark Deluge, The
Morris, Mark Immaculate, The
Neville, Robert Deathday
Newman, Richard Louis On Wings of Evil
Nolan, William F. Dark Universe
Nolan, William F. Nightworlds
Norton, Michael C. Abomination
Norton, Michael C. Blizzard
Olesker, Jack Confessional
Owen, J. Bradley Dead Season
Piccirilli, Tom Deceased, The
Piccirilli, Tom Hexes
Piccirilli, Tom Lower Deep, A
Piccirilli, Tom Night Class, The
Pinborough, Sarah Breeding Ground
Pinborough, Sarah Hidden, The
Pinborough, Sarah Reckoning, The
Pinborough, Sarah Taken, The
Plante, Edmund Garden of Evil
Plante, Edmund Seed of Evil
Plante, Edmund Transformation
Plante, Edmund Trapped
Preisler, Jerome Pact, The
Pronzini, Bill Masques
Pronzini, Bill Night Fright
Pronzini, Bill Tormentor, The
Pusti, Maureen S. Neighbors
Rachleff, Owen S. Enigma
Rachleff, Owen S. Image, The
Ramie, Florence Toyland
Rangel, Kimberly Homecoming, The
Rangel, Kimberly Shadows
Reed, Dana Deathbringer
Reed, Dana Demon Within
Reed, Dana Gatekeeper, The
Reed, Dana Hell Board
Reed, Dana Margo
Reed, Dana Sister Satan
Reed, Dana Summoning, The
Robbins, David Blood Cult
Robbins, David Hell-O-Ween
Robbins, David Prank Night
Robbins, David Spectre
Robbins, David Spook Night
Robbins, David Wereling, The
Robbins, David Wrath, The
Robinson, Eleanor Freak, The
Romine, Aden F. & Romine, Mary C. Fellowship, The
Ross, Clarissa Satan Whispers
Ross, Leona C. Resurrexit
San Souci, Robert D. Blood Offerings
SanGiovanni, Mary Found You
SanGiovanni, Mary Hollower, The
Sarrantonio, Al Halloweenland
Sarrantonio, Al Hallows Eve
Sarrantonio, Al Horrorween
Sarrantonio, Al Toybox
Schmidt, Dan Demon Circle, The
Schmidt, Dan Silent Scream
Schoell, William Bride of Satan
Schoell, William Dragon, The
Schoell, William Late at Night
Schoell, William Saurian
Schoell, William Shivers
Schoell, William Spawn of Hell
Shirley, John Black Butterflies
Shirley, John Wetbones
Silva, David Come Thirteen
Silva, David B. Child of Darkness
Skipp, John Long Last Call, The
Smith, Brian Scott When Shadows Fall
Smith, Bryan Deathbringer
Smith, Bryan Depraved
Smith, Bryan Freakshow, The
Smith, Bryan House of Blood
Smith, Bryan Killing Kind, The
Smith, Bryan Queen of Blood
Snellings, John Carvings
Stevenson, Florence Household
Stevenson, Florence Sisterhood, The
Tarabilda, James Black Sun
Taylor, Bernard Charmed Life
Taylor, Bernard Evil Intent
Taylor, Bernard Godsend, The
Taylor, Bernard Madeline
Taylor, Bernard Reaping, The
Taylor, Bernard Sweetheart, Sweetheart
Tem, Melanie Tides, The
Tessier, Thomas Finishing Touches
Tessier, Thomas Nightwalker, The
Tessier, Thomas Rapture
Tessier, Thomas Wicked Things
Thompson, Gary Chumash
Tigges, John As Evil Does
Tigges, John Book of the Dead
Tigges, John Comes the Wraith
Tigges, John Curse, The
Tigges, John Evil Dreams
Tigges, John Garden of the Incubus
Tigges, John Hands of Lucifer
Tigges, John Immortal, The
Tigges, John Kiss Not the Child
Tigges, John Monster
Tigges, John Unto the Altar
Tigges, John Venom
Tigges, John Vessel
Vance, Steve Abyss, The
Vance, Steve Hyde Effect, The
Vance, Steve Shapes
Vigliante, Mary Worship the Night
Waggoner, Tim Darkness Wakes
Waggoner, Tim Like Death
Waggoner, Tim Pandora Drive
Walker, Robert W. Brain Watch
Walker, Robert W. Salem’s Child
Weinbert, Robert Armageddon Box, The
Weinbert, Robert Devil’s Auction, The
White, Marie Ardell & James Gordon Beast, The
Whitten, Leslie H. Fangs of Morning, The/Alchemist, The
Whitten, Leslie H. Moon of the Wolf/Progeny of the Adder
Wilde, D. Gunther Claws
Williamson, Chet Second Chance
Williamson, J.N. Affinity
Williamson, J.N. Banished, The
Williamson, J.N. Bloodlines
Williamson, J.N. Brotherkind
Williamson, J.N. Dentist, The
Williamson, J.N. Evil Offspring
Williamson, J.N. Frights of Fancy
Williamson, J.N. Ghost
Williamson, J.N. Haunt, The
Williamson, J.N. Horror House
Williamson, J.N. Houngan, The
Williamson, J.N. Longest Night, The
Williamson, J.N. Offspring, The
Williamson, J.N. Playmates
Williamson, J.N. Premonition
Williamson, J.N. Queen of Hell
Williamson, J.N. Spree
Williamson, J.N. Tulpa, The
Wind, D.M. Others, The
Windham, Susannah Missing
Wiseman, Rex Okora Mask, The
Wolf, Joyce White Spider
Wright, T.M. House on Orchid Street, The
Wright, T.M. Last Vampire, The
Wright, T.M. Laughing Man
Wright, T.M. Sleepeasy

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Photos of Leisure titles spotted in the wild are posted below the scan gallery.

Scans of Leisure Titles

Photos of Leisure Titles Spotted in the Wild

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6 thoughts on “Leisure Books

  1. A burning question of mine is what came first? Leisure or BMI? I see books that have the BMI logos on them, and then I’ll see the same book with a Leisure logo. I know one must have aquired the other at some point, but since I’m one to collect only first editions, I’d like to know came first. It’s been bugging me trying to figure it out. Lol Thanks!

  2. Some of my favorite paperback covers were put out by Leisure–Venom, Kiss Not the Child, Spawn, Longest Night, Bride of Satan, Evil Eye–but I’ve only read two of their output: Hutson’s Slugs and Ehly’s Obelisk. Both were decidedly mediocre. Anyway, thanks for putting this together; a few here I’ve never seen at all, ever!

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