June 9, 2023

1980s Horror Movie Art

A few years ago I took a digital graphic design course. As part of the course, one of the things we had to do was create a board on Pinterest featuring some of our favorite designs, layouts, and typography. I wasn’t sure how well received my board would be, but the teacher loved it. After the course it sat for a while, but eventually I came back to it, and still update it now and then with fresh pins.

There’s something kind of relaxing about just clicking around the Web and saving stuff I like. It’s also a massive waste of time … unless I can share it with others. So, here’s an embed of my Pinterest board “1980s Horror Movie Art.” This embedded board will only load a limited number of images, so you can see even more if you click through to Pinterest and check them out there. I have over 500 pins of great horror art to enjoy.

Christopher Fulbright

Christopher Fulbright is the author of short stories, novellas, and full-length novels of fantasy and horror. His short stories have appeared in many venues--webzines, magazines, and anthologies--since 1993. Fulbright received the Richard Laymon President's Award in 2008 from the HWA, and his short stories have received honorable mentions in "The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror" and "Best Horror of the Year." He is a former journalist turned technical writer, an unrepentant horror fan, and owner/webmaster of Realms of Night.

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