June 2, 2023

Nicholas Pine

Nicholas Pine is the pen name of C. A. Stokes, an author of young adult horror and suspense, namely the Terror Academy series published by Berkley Books in the early 1990s. This series (and a long list of others) clearly intended to capitalize on the popularity of R. L. Stine and Christopher Pike. It also seems clear it appealed directly to fans of the latter author, since the chosen pen name got these books shelved next to books by Christopher Pike. Clever indeed.

No information about the author is listed in the books, and searches online yield no biographical details. The series itself appears to have run for 15 books between June 1993 and May 1995. The titles indicate that all teen horror requirements were met: Sixteen Candles, Spring Break, The New Kid, The Prom, and Breaking Up. I did find a complete list of all titles in the Terror Academy series, relisted here in the event the source site goes belly-up.

  1. Lights Out
  2. Stalker
  3. Sixteen Candles
  4. Spring Break
  5. The New Kid
  6. Student Body
  7. Night School
  8. Science Project
  9. The Prom
  10. The In Crowd
  11. Summer School
  12. Breaking Up
  13. The Substitute
  14. School Spirit
  15. Boy Crazy

I also found a great blog where the last book in the series gets a pretty entertaining review. Fans of young adult fiction from the glory days should check it out: Young Adult Revisited.

To browse the list of related titles currently available on Amazon, click here.

These cover scans are from the library of Christopher Fulbright, except The New Kid, which was provided by Retro Reads. Please note that Realms of Night has an eBay page with monthly horror auctions. Follow our page and save us as a favorite seller for updates.

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