March 29, 2023
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Zebra Horror

Every vintage paperback horror fan knows Zebra Books. It’s strange to call Zebra paperbacks “vintage,” but I guess that’s what they are by the 25-year rule. Fact of the matter is, I’ve gotten older. The half-century mark snuck up on me. It’s difficult to comprehend that quite so many years have gone by since those halcyon days of horror.

Zebra Books stepped into the horror publishing arena in the late 1970s, then really leaned into it in the 1980s. I wasn’t able to find out exactly how many Zebra horror titles were published monthly during the height of the horror boom, but their output rivaled some of the largest publishers of their time.

The story of Zebra Books as a company is really the story of World War II vet Walter Zacharius. After serving in the U.S. Army from 1942 to 1945, Zacharius went to New York University on the GI Bill and took classes aimed at helping him achieve his goal of becoming a New York publisher. This led to jobs at McFadden Publishing, Popular Library, and Ace News, where he invented what many SF and Western fans know as the Ace Double. He later became the owner/publisher of Lancer Books, which resurrected the works of Robert E. Howard in affordable paperback editions with now-classic covers by Frank Frazetta. After Lancer went bankrupt in 1973, Zacharius invested in Kensington Publishing for the princely sum of $67,000 (Kensington), and soon purchased Zebra Books from a small company, Grove Press. By the mid-1980s, Zebra had risen from a small, independent publishing house in New York to the 10th ranked publisher in the mass-market space, generating $40 million in sales annually (Dinger,

With Roberta Grossman as President (the New York Times says at 29 years old she was “the youngest president of a paperback house”) Zebra grew. As a general rule, they considered manuscripts that had been rejected by other publishing houses, tapping into a lucrative romance market that was not yet fully appreciated by other houses (Dinger). They were more open to books that were rejected by other houses largely due to the fact that their advances were on the low end of the scale. says Zacharius invested more in cover art than in the books themselves, “believing that it was the cover that sold a book, not the quality of the writing inside.” They were famous for their holographic covers, which debuted on Rick Hautala’s Night Stone, and were used on many William Johnstone and Ruby Jean Jensen books as well. Focus on cover art and publishing philosophy aside, there certainly were quality horror novels published by Zebra, but many feel they were ultimately buried in an avalanche of mediocrity that hurt the reputations of legitimately good writers working for them at the time. Hautala once shared with me in an interview, “I feel as though I got little respect as a writer, mainly because many readers had little respect for Zebra as a publisher.”

Zebra stepped into the horror arena as things were heating up near the end of the 1970s, then shifted into high gear in the 1980s. They began to publish large numbers of Regency romance titles and also focused on horror, with William W. Johnstone leading the way. The list of Zebra’s other horror authors who went on to make indelible marks on horror is long: they published Joe R. Lansdale’s debut novel Act of Love; Matthew Costello’s debut Sleep Tight; Ken Greenhall’s debut Hell Hound; Brian Hodge’s debut Dark Advent; Roxanne Longstreet’s first three novels before her pseudonym went on to become the bestselling author Rachel Caine; John Shirley’s Dracula in Love; a long list of novels by J.N. Williamson, Ruby Jean Jensen, and Stephen Gresham; two Robert Bloch titles The Cunning and Mysteries of the Worm; a 4-book Weird Tales series edited by Lin Carter with original stories in the weird fiction vein; two Richard Laymon novels Midnight’s Lair and The Stake; Edward Lee’s debut novels as Philip Straker, plus his later novels Creekers and The Chosen; Bentley Little’s third novel The Summoning; plus several novels by Ronald Kelly, C. Dean Andersson, Patricia Wallace, Pat Graverson, Stephen George, Rick Hautala, Sidney Williams, Ed Gorman’s pseudonym Daniel Ransom, and Bill Crider’s pseudonym Jack MacLane.

Zebra’s horror machine slowed its production in the early 1990s, and finally stopped publishing horror under that imprint altogether in the mid-1990s. By this time, Kensington horror novels had begun to appear under the Pinnacle imprint — a company Zebra acquired in 1988.

Today, Zebra Books remain sought after by collectors in part for the authors and their importance to the history of modern horror, and in part (Zacharius would be happy to know) because of their cover art. Today, Kensington remains one of the largest and most successful independent, family-owned publishing houses in New York City, with many bestselling authors in their stable.

Below is a list of Zebra and Pinnacle horror titles courtesy of David Dodd. This could be incomplete, but looks pretty solid from my perspective. If it helps those of you who are fellow collectors, all thanks must go to Mr. Dodd.

List of Zebra Horror Titles (including Pinnacle)

TitleAuthorPub YrISBN
WerewolvesAhern, Jerry1990[1558173358]
Dark SeductionsAlfonsi, Alice1993[0821743317]
SpellcasterAmes, J. Edward1989[082172732X]
The AsylumAmes, John Edwards1994[0821746618]
DevourAnderson, Kurt2016[0786036796]
I Am DraculaAndersson, C. Dean1993[0821743279]
FiendAndersson, C. Dean1994[0821745956]
Buried ScreamsAndersson, C. Dean1992[0821737236]
I Am FrankensteinAndersson, C. Dean1996[082175422X]
The Midnight HourBacon, Donald1988[1558171312]
Crimson KissBaker, Trisha2001[0786014164]
Crimson NightBaker, Trisha2002[078601556X]
Crimson ShadowsBaker, Trisha2003[0786014172]
Shock LinesBeath, Warren Newton1993[0821740369]
Scream QueenBelkom, Edo Van2003[0786015624]
On My HonorBlack, Malacai1989[1558172408]
The Vampire JournalsBriery, Traci1993[0821760246]
The Werewolf ChroniclesBriery, Traci1995[0821748424]
WolfsongBriery, Traci1996[082175288X]
The Vampire MemoirsBriery, Traci2000[0786011246]
Soul EaterBrookins, Dana1985[0821716565]
The ManipulatorBrookins, Dana1989[0821728148]
The Vampire’s ApprenticeByers, Richard Lee1992[0821736329]
Dead TimeByers, Richard Lee1992[0821739638]
Saint Peter’s WolfCadnum, Michael1993[0821741837]
The GiftedCaravela, Frank1991[0821735373]
Hide and SeekCarney, William M.1991[082173315X]
Devil’s MoonCarney, William M.1988[0821724045]
ThirstCecilione, Michael1999[0786010916]
DominationCecilione, Michael1993[0821744062]
Cry WolfChronister, Alan B.1987[0821720945]
The WildlingsCiencin, Scott1992[0821739344]
The Vampire OdysseyCiencin, Scott1992[0821738534]
Parliament of BloodCiencin, Scott1992[0821739956]
Shadow ChildCitro, Joseph A.1987[0821721178]
Guardian AngelsCitro, Joseph A.1988[0821722786]
Blood SabbathClark, Leigh1991[0821733710]
CherronCombes, Sharon1987[0890837007]
CalyCombes, Sharon1987[0821719963]
Sleep TightCostello, Matthew1987[0821721216]
GoblinsCourtney, Vincent1994[0821746308]
Vampire BeatCourtney, Vincent1991[1558175210]
Wake Up ScreamingCourtney, Vincent1992[1558176055]
Harvest of BloodCourtney, Vincent1992[155817656X]
Blood BeastD’ammassa, Don1988[1558170960]
ShadeDarke, David (Ron Dee pseudonym)1994[0821745662]
HorrorshowDarke, David (Ron Dee pseudonym)1994[0821747835]
Last RitesDarke, David (Ron Dee pseudonym)1996[0821753495]
Blind HungerDarke, David (Ron Dee pseudonym)1993[1558177140]
Brain FeverDee, Ron1989[1558172629]
Unholy SmileDouglas, Gregory A.1981[0890837961]
The NestDouglas, Gregory A.1987[0821721666]
LifebloodDuigon, Lee1988[155817110X]
SchoolhouseDuigon, Lee1988[1558171371]
Mind StealerDuigon, Lee1990[1558173765]
PrecogDuigon, Lee1990[1558173048]
The Crawling DarkDunn, Pauline1991[0821734172]
Flesh StealerDunn, Pauline1990[0821729195]
Demonic ColorDunn, Pauline1990[0821731432]
UnquenchableDvorkin, David1995[0821749749]
InsatiableDvorkin, David1993[1558177698]
Star PreyEhly, Ehren M.1992[0821737511]
Seeing EyeEllis, Jack (Stephen R George)1995[0786014075]
NightlifeEllis, Jack (Stephen R George)1996[0821754041]
The ShapechangerErgas, Elizabeth1989[1558172130]
Devil’s GateErgas, Elizabeth1991[1558174982]
RageErgas, Elizabeth1993[1558176780]
The Lyssa SyndromeFahy, Christopher1990[0821729616]
Eternal BlissFahy, Christopher1988[0821725289]
Dream HouseFahy, Christopher1987[0821722069]
DarkscopeFalk, Margaret1990[1558173641]
Wild VioletsField, Ruth Baker1980[0890836353]
Shaman WoodsFields, Morgan1990[082173122X]
Deadly HarvestFields, Morgan1989[0821727621]
Play TimeFields, Morgan1988[0821724061]
Night BloodFlanders, Eric (James Kisner pseudonym)1993[0821740636]
Forever Children, TheFlanders, Eric (James Kisner pseudonym)1992[0821737198]
Bad BloodFowler, Debra1993[1558177507]
Blood ThirstFreed, L. A.1989[1558171584]
Children of the ShadowsFreeman, D. L.1990[0821729853]
The ElixirFrey, J. N.1986[0821718096]
Night MusicGarner, Sheila Bristow1992[1558175679]
The PrisonGates, R. Patrick2004[0786016396]
Grimm MemorialsGates, R. Patrick2005[0786016981]
Grimm ReapingsGates, R. Patrick2006[078601640X]
VadersGates, R. Patrick2007[0786018259]
Bloody ValentineGeorge, Stephen R.1994[082174433X]
BeastsGeorge, Stephen R.1989[082172682X]
Dark ReunionGeorge, Stephen R.1990[0821729632]
Grandma’s Little DarlingGeorge, Stephen R.1990[0821732102]
NightscapeGeorge, Stephen R.1992[0821738496]
TormentGeorge, Stephen R.1994[0821746286]
Near DeadGeorge, Stephen R.1992[0821736639]
The ForgottenGeorge, Stephen R.1991[0821734156]
Deadly VengeanceGeorge, Stephen R.1993[0821741594]
Dark MiracleGeorge, Stephen R.1989[0821727885]
Brain ChildGeorge, Stephen R.1989[0821725785]
The FaginGraversen, Pat1992[0821735721]
GraythingsGraversen, Pat1995[082174870X]
StonesGraverson, Pat1991[0821732684]
DolliesGraverson, Pat1990[0821730711]
Sweet BloodGraverson, Pat1992[0821739077]
Black IceGraverson, Pat1993[0821740938]
Hell HoundGreenhall, Ken1977[0890833036]
The Shadow ManGresham, Stephen1986[0821719467]
AbracadabraGresham, Stephen1988[0821723502]
RunawayGresham, Stephen1988[0821724827]
Rockabye BabyGresham, Stephen1984[0821714708]
Night TouchGresham, Stephen1988[0821725521]
Moon LakeGresham, Stephen1982[0821710044]
Midnight BoyGresham, Stephen1987[0821720651]
The Living DarkGresham, Stephen1991[0821733931]
Half Moon DownGresham, Stephen1985[0821716255]
Dew ClawsGresham, Stephen1986[0821718088]
Demon’s EyeGresham, Stephen1989[0821727044]
Blood WingsGresham, Stephen1990[0821728911]
The FraternityGresham, Stephen2004[0786015381]
In The BloodGresham, Stephen2001[0786013788]
Dark MagicGresham, Stephen2002[0786013796]
Haunted GroundGresham, Stephen2003[0786015373]
Vampire BloodGriffith, Kathryn Meyer1991[0821735144]
The Last VampireGriffith, Kathryn Meyer1992[0821737716]
The CallingGriffith, Kathryn Meyer1994[0821746596]
WitchesGriffith, Kathryn Meyer1993[0786012390]
The TridentHamill, Joel1987[0821710176]
Twilight TimeHautala, Rick1994[0821747134]
Shades Of NightHautala, Rick1995[0821750976]
Night StoneHautala, Rick1986[0821718436]
MoonwalkerHautala, Rick1989[082172598X]
MoondeathHautala, Rick1981[0890837023]
MoonbogHautala, Rick1982[0821710877]
Little BrothersHautala, Rick1988[082172276X]
Ghost LightHautala, Rick1993[0821743201]
Dark SilenceHautala, Rick1992[0821739239]
Cold WhisperHautala, Rick1991[0821734644]
Puppet MasterHawkins, Barry T.1993[0821740989]
And Love SurvivedHayes, R. Chetwynd1990[0821730517]
Dawn of the VampireHill, William1991[0786005378]
Vampire’s KissHill, William1994[1558178864]
The GilgulHocherman, H. W.1990[1558173137]
Dark AdventHodge, Brian1988[155817088X]
Afternoon of the GoslingHuffman, Marlys1989[0821728415]
Cruel WinterIzzo, Anthony2005[0786017325]
Evil HarvestIzzo, Anthony2007[0786018755]
The Dark OnesIzzo, Anthony2008[0786018763]
Silent EnemyJahn, Ernest T.1982[0890837635]
Night GlowJames, Martin (James Kisner)1989[1558172025]
Zombie HouseJames, Martin (James Kisner)1990[1558173234]
Home Sweet HomeJensen, Ruby Jean1985[0821715712]
Death StoneJensen, Ruby Jean1989[0821727850]
Best FriendsJensen, Ruby Jean1985[0821716913]
Baby DollyJensen, Ruby Jean1991[0821735985]
AnnabelleJensen, Ruby Jean1987[0821720112]
Wait and SeeJensen, Ruby Jean1986[0821718576]
Vampire ChildJensen, Ruby Jean1990[0821728679]
SmokeJensen, Ruby Jean1988[0821722557]
PendulumJensen, Ruby Jean1989[0821726218]
Chain LetterJensen, Ruby Jean1987[0821721623]
CeliaJensen, Ruby Jean1991[0821734466]
The HauntingJensen, Ruby Jean1994[0786010959]
Night ThunderJensen, Ruby Jean1995[0786012382]
Ma-maJensen, Ruby Jean1983[0821712470]
Jump RopeJensen, Ruby Jean1988[0821725068]
House of IllusionsJensen, Ruby Jean1988[0821723243]
NurseryJohnstone, William W.1983[0821712179]
Rockabilly LimboJohnstone, William W.1996[0821753487]
Cat’s CradleJohnstone, William W.1986[0821718258]
CarnivalJohnstone, William W.1989[0821725769]
BatsJohnstone, William W.1993[082174190X]
A Crying ShameJohnstone, William W.1983[0821711717]
Rockabilly HellJohnstone, William W.1995[0821751085]
Night MaskJohnstone, William W.1994[0821747436]
Jack-In-The-BoxJohnstone, William W.1986[0821718924]
The Devil’s TouchJohnstone, William W.1987[0821714910]
The Devil’s LaughterJohnstone, William W.1992[0821736302]
The Devil’s HeartJohnstone, William W.1983[0821711563]
The Devil’s CatJohnstone, William W.1987[0821720910]
Darkly the ThunderJohnstone, William W.1990[0821731203]
Cat’s EyeJohnstone, William W.1989[0821728385]
Watchers in the WoodsJohnstone, William W.1991[0821733680]
The UninvitedJohnstone, William W.1982[0890839336]
Toy CemeteryJohnstone, William W.1987[082172228X]
Them (Zebra Books)Johnstone, William W.1992[0821739921]
Sweet DreamsJohnstone, William W.1985[0821715534]
SandmanJohnstone, William W.1988[0821723766]
RockinghorseJohnstone, William W.1986[082171743X]
The Devil’s KissJohnstone, William W.1987[0821714988]
WolfsbaneJohnstone, William W.1987[0821710702]
WolfsbaneJohnstone, William W.1982[0821710702]
GrandfatherJoseph, Anne1991[0821733176]
Baby GrandKeene, Joseph E.1987[0821721380]
PitfallKelly, Ronald1990[082173069X]
Moon of the WerewolfKelly, Ronald1991[0821736256]
HindsightKelly, Ronald1990[0821728695]
Something Out ThereKelly, Ronald1991[0821733389]
FearKelly, Ronald1994[0786013575]
Blood KinKelly, Ronald1996[078601413X]
The PossessionKelly, Ronald1993[0821743686]
Father’s Little HelperKelly, Ronald1992[0821739573]
SacrificeKinion, Richard (Ed Lee)1995[082175047X]
Dangerous NatureKirby, T. J.1993[0821740342]
Deadly BreedKirby, T. J.1991[0821735764]
The QuagmireKisner, James1991[0821735128]
EarthbloodKisner, James1990[0821732374]
Poison PenKisner, James1990[0821730967]
Death SporeKnight, Harry Adam (John Brosnan)1990[155817348X]
RisenKnight, J.2004[0786016124]
Baby DollKnight, Marilyn1988[0821725300]
Demon’s FrightKreps, Penelope Banka1992[0821737759]
CarnivoresKreps, Penelope Banka1993[0821742256]
GhoulsLee, Edward1988[1558171193]
CreekersLee, Edward1994[0821745689]
The KeeperLee, Robert D.1993[1558177221]
The SummoningLittle, Bentley1993[0821742213]
Witch DaughterLloyd, Elizabeth1988[0821723537]
Witch ChildLloyd, Elizabeth1987[0821722301]
BelowLockwood, Ryan2013[0786032871]
What Lurks BeneathLockwood, Ryan2015[0786032898]
Red AngelLongstreet, Roxanne1994[0821745328]
The UndeadLongstreet, Roxanne1993[0821740687]
Cold KissLongstreet, Roxanne1995[0786014261]
Dead Man’s SongMaberry, Jonathan2007[078601816X]
Ghost Road BluesMaberry, Jonathan2006[0786018151]
Bad Moon RisingMaberry, Jonathan2008[0786018178]
The Darkness Within (To Love Again)MacDonald, Shawn1993[0821741632]
Keepers of the BeastMacLane, Jack (Bill Crider)1988[082172486X]
Just Before DarkMacLane, Jack (Bill Crider)1990[0821732129]
Goodnight MoomMacLane, Jack (Bill Crider)1988[082172570X]
Rest in PeaceMacLane, Jack (Bill Crider)1990[082172987X]
Blood DreamsMacLane, Jack (Bill Crider)1989[0821726803]
Little GirlsMalfi, Ronald2015[1617736066]
The Night ParadeMalfi, Ronald2016[1496703863]
The Devil’s CoinManley, Mark1990[0821730940]
Soul HuntersMarkstein, George1988[1558170626]
FeastMasterton, Graham1988[1558171037]
The Vampire MemoirsMcCuniff, Mara1991[0821733400]
The UprisingMcDaniels, Abigail1994[0821745018]
AltheaMcDaniels, Abigail1995[0821751700]
PlaymatesMcDaniels, Abigail1993[0821742965]
Dead CityMcKinney, Joe2006[0786017813]
Plague of the UndeadMcKinney, Joe2014[0786033975]
The Dead Won’t DieMcKinney, Joe2015[0786033991]
The Savage DeadMcKinney, Joe2013[0786029307]
MutatedMcKinney, Joe2012[0786029293]
Apocalypse of the DeadMcKinney, Joe2012[0786032804]
Flesh EatersMcKinney, Joe2012[0786033177]
The DestructorMerz, Jon F.2002[0786015357]
The FixerMerz, Jon F.2003[0786015004]
The InvokerMerz, Jon F.2002[0786015012]
The SyndicateMerz, Jon F.2003[0786015365]
WitchcraftMichaels, Bill1997[0786013656]
Vampire NightsMoriarty, Timothy1989[1558171800]
EvilwayMoses, Ryan O.1990[0821730428]
Tree HouseMullen, Victor1989[0821727060]
Ten Little IndiansMurray, E. Patrick1988[0821724525]
Sight UnseenNeiderman, Andrew1987[0821720384]
The ManorNicholson, Scott2004[0786015802]
The HomeNicholson, Scott2005[0786017112]
The FarmNicholson, Scott2006[0786017120]
They HungerNicholson, Scott2007[0786017139]
The Red ChurchNicholson, Scott2002[0786015039]
The HarvestNicholson, Scott2003[0786015799]
ImmortalNickles, Jason (T. Lucien Wright)1996[0821754688]
The Twelfth ChildOver, Raymond van1990[1558173994]
WhisperOver, Raymond van1991[1558175091]
Dark SoulsPorter, Barry1989[082172651X]
The JunkyardPorter, Barry1989[0821728164]
BloodmasterQuijano, Mary L.1989[1558172513]
Toys in the AtticRansom, Daniel (Ed Gorman pseudonym)1986[0821718622]
Night CallerRansom, Daniel (Ed Gorman pseudonym)1987[0821721860]
Daddy’s Little GirlRansom, Daniel (Ed Gorman pseudonym)1985[0821716069]
The WitchingRavenswood, Fritzen1989[0821726579]
SpawningRavenswood, Fritzen1981[0890838666]
The UnblessedRichards, Paul1988[0821723804]
The Spirit StalkerRomberg, Nina1989[1558172718]
Shadow WalkersRomberg, Nina1993[1558176969]
Waltz With EvilRozzi, P.D.1991[0821733958]
PiperRutherford, Brett1987[082171967X]
The Lost ChildrenRutherford, Brett1988[0821724541]
Hocus-PocusScaparro, Jack1988[0821722980]
The AtticScaparro, Jack1991[0821734717]
The DollkeeperScaparro, Jack1987[0821719882]
DeathsongScaparro, Jack1989[0821727303]
The Jersey DevilShea, Hunter2016[078603887X]
The Montauk MonsterShea, Hunter2014[0786034750]
Tortures of the DamnedShea, Hunter2015[0786034777]
Blood SistersSherwood, Deborah1988[082172309X]
Dracula in LoveShirley, John1990[0821730010]
Three-Ring PsychusShirley, John1990[0821732862]
ExtraterrestrialShock, Julian (JN Williamson)1982[0821710338]
Blood FeudSiciliano, Sam2001[0786014288]
DarknessSiciliano, Sam2001[0786014210]
DarksongSimon, Jean1990[0821728938]
Wild CardSimon, Jean1991[0821732706]
Sweet RevengeSimon, Jean1991[0821735365]
OrphansSimon, Jean1992[0821739298]
Ghost BoySimon, Jean1994[0821745301]
Witch SpellSmith, Guy N.1993[0821741942]
Dead EndSmith, Guy N.1996[0821752634]
The Dark OneSmith, Guy N.1995[0821749412]
The Eyes of Torie WebsterSorrels, Roy1990[1558173889]
Night BeastsStetson, T. W.1993[1558177434]
Blood Ties (Vampire Legacy, #3)Taylor, Karen E.1995[0821760238]
Blood Red Dawn (Vampire Legacy #7)Taylor, Karen E.2004[0786014725]
Resurrection (Vampire Legacy #6)Taylor, Karen E.2002[0786014717]
The Vampire Vivienne (Vampire Legacy #5)Taylor, Karen E.2001[0786012064]
Blood of My Blood (Vampire Legacy #4)Taylor, Karen E.2000[078601153X]
Bitter Blood (Vampire Legacy #2)Taylor, Karen E.1994[0786012420]
Blood Secrets (Vampire Legacy #1)Taylor, Karen E.1994[082176022X]
The StalkerTeweles, Claude1984[0821714341]
Tainted BloodThompson, James M.2004[0786016159]
Dark Moon RisingThompson, James M.2005[0786016167]
Dark BloodThompson, James M.2002[0786014334]
Immortal BloodThompson, James M.2003[0786014342]
Night BloodThompson, James M.2001[0786013826]
Deadly NatureThompson, V. M.1988[0821723308]
Project GodThompson, V. M.1989[0821726234]
Thunder RoadThorne, Tamara2014[1420135368]
MoonfallThorne, Tamara2000[0786011327]
Candle BayThorne, Tamara2001[0786013117]
EternityThorne, Tamara2001[0786013109]
HauntedThorne, Tamara2001[0786010908]
The ForgottenThorne, Tamara2002[078601475X]
Bad ThingsThorne, Tamara2002[0786014776]
The Sorority: Eve: The Sorority (Sorority Trilogy)Thorne, Tamara2003[078601539X]
Samantha (The Sorority Trilogy)Thorne, Tamara2003[0786015411]
The Sorority: Merilynn: The Sorority (Sorority Trilogy)Thorne, Tamara2003[0786015403]
Vampire WinterTilton, Lois1990[1558174508]
Darkness on the IceTilton, Lois1993[155817687X]
The Ashes of TamarWade, Elizabeth1988[0821724304]
Fatal OutcomeWallace, Patricia1992[0821737473]
The TaintWallace, Patricia1983[0821711741]
Only ChildWallace, Patricia1985[0821716735]
The Children’s WardWallace, Patricia1985[0821732587]
Water BabyWallace, Patricia1987[0821721887]
Twice BlessedWallace, Patricia1990[0821717669]
ThrillWallace, Patricia1990[0821731424]
See No EvilWallace, Patricia1988[0821724290]
Dark IntentWallace, Patricia1995[0821750682]
Wind ChimesWalters, R. R.1991[0821734482]
Kiss of the VampireWeathersby, Lee1992[0821736930]
The DollWebster, Josh1986[082171788X]
The AlchemistWhitten, Les1986[0821718657]
AzariusWilliams, Sidney1989[1558172297]
Night BrothersWilliams, Sidney1989[1558172904]
GnelfsWilliams, Sidney1991[1558175431]
When Darkness FallsWilliams, Sidney1992[1558176217]
Blood HunterWilliams, Sidney1990[1558174370]
Death-CoachWilliamson, J. N.1981[0890838054]
Death-SchoolWilliamson, J. N.1982[0890839816]
The Night SeasonsWilliamson, J. N.1991[0821735675]
The MonasteryWilliamson, J. N.1992[082173797X]
Don’t Take Away the LightWilliamson, J. N.1993[0821741284]
Horror MansionWilliamson, J. N.1982[0821710516]
Death-AngelWilliamson, J. N.1982[0890839093]
Death-DoctorWilliamson, J. N.1982[0821711083]
The Evil OneWilliamson, J. N.1987[0890839662]
Ghost MansionWilliamson, J. N.1981[0890838844]
Dark MasquesWilliamson, J. N.2001[0786014555]
The HuntWright, T. Lucien1991[155817477X]
Blood BrothersWright, T. Lucien1992[1558175806]
Thirst of the VampireWright, T. Lucien1992[1558176497]
Dark VisionsWright, T. Lucien1993[1558177329]

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Photos of Zebra horror titles spotted in the wild are posted below the scan gallery.

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  1. The Rinehart (THE BAT) and the last item, Wallace’s DEADLY GROUND, are crime fiction, rather than anything like horror per se…not even to the degree we can claim Bloch’s PSYCHO as borderline horror. Hautala and anyone else doing good or better horror for Zebra were definitely being overwhelmed by how much substandard work by Jensen and others was being pumped out by the publisher–hell, even Tor, the only other paperback house keeping up with Zebra in pushing books out into the market tagged as horror had difficulty keeping consistent quality, and they were striving to offer good books…I’m not at all sure Zebra ever cared.

  2. The president and publisher of Zebra Books was Roberta Bender Grossman (Not Rebecca). She died of cancer on March 13, 1992 at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan. She was 46 years old.

    She was born in Brooklyn and attended New York University. When she founded Zebra Books with Walter Zacharius (1923–2011) in 1975, she became, at the age of 29, the youngest president of a paperback house. Over the next decade, she expanded the company’s range of titles from historical romances to both paperback and hard-cover novels and general nonfiction. Authors published by the company, with whom Mrs. Grossman worked closely, included Jerzy Kosinski, Isaac Asimov and Joyce Carol Oates. In 1988, Zebra acquired Pinnacle Books, and Mrs. Grossman took on its presidency as well.

    She was survived by her husband, Robin Grossman, and a daughter, Shoshanna.

    1. Well put. Though Zebra didn’t pay much for their editions of those books.

      I was working part-time in a Crown Books in the DC area in 1988, and we were regularly visited by a Zebra rep, a grumpy aging man whose usual refrain was “If only I had some lace on my underwear, I could get somewhere in this company.” (Referring to Zebra/Kensington, and presumably to how women tended to get ahead of irritable dinosaurs–in terms of attitudes more than actual years breathing.)

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