June 6, 2023

Gallery Updates

There’s been some radio silence. I realize that. Frankly, while you’ve been going on about your lives, the fate of this website has been hanging in the balance.

I wasn’t really sure I wanted to spend time doing this anymore.

Back when I started this website in 2015, there were only a couple of sites doing this sort of thing — namely Will Errickson’s Too Much Horror Fiction and a bunch of crazy cool Brits at Vault of Evil. These days … well, since Grady Hendrix and Will Errickson’s Paperbacks From Hell came out, the Internet has lots of folks sharing their horror collections in a lot of cool and interesting ways. I mean, at this point, does something like Realms of Night need to survive?

I’ve decided this thing can, and probably should, live on. Perhaps it is something of a conceit, but I do take pride in the work I’ve done here and enjoy sharing all this stuff with fellow fans. So, feel free to think of it as some unnamable horror clawing its way out of a shallow grave, maybe in embossed foil art with a cool die cut cover and stepback art.

On a quick personal note: those of you who’ve been following Realms of Night for a while know I’ve been working on my master’s degree, which consumed a great deal of my spare time and sidelined this whole thing. In the end, it seems that slow and steady truly does win the race — I will be graduating with that degree in December. That frees up some time. And I’ve got some ideas that can make this site grow beyond what it is today. I am making some plans and will announce them when I am ready, if I can make them happen, but suffice to say, I have an idea or two that can make this something even more fun for horror fiction fans and collectors. We’ll see how it progresses.

For now, I’d like to kick things off with a good old fashioned gallery update. A few notes to make here as well: my scanner died last year and I did not replace it; I also switched computers, so there’s been a bit of sorting through all the remaining scanned files that need to be posted. No need to worry, since I have scans for many more articles. Sadly, this does mean that many books have since passed through my hands which I did not scan. In any event … without further ado, here are the scans I’ve had piled up for quite some time. Enjoy.

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The galleries listed below have been updated with the following images:

  • Avon Books – a much nicer copy of Steve Rasnic Tem’s Excavation
  • Douglas Clegg – a nicer copy of Goat Dance
  • Charles L. Grant – lots of great stuff to add including Symphony, The Grave (Tor edition) some UK editions, and some early horror anthologies including Fear, Horrors, and Nightmares
  • The Shadow – a long sought-after copy of Green Eyes
  • Zebra Books – a few by Stephen Gresham and William Johnstone, one by Ruby Jean Jensen, and Carnivores
  • Leisure BooksThe Devouring
  • James HerbertThe Magic Cottage first pb edition plus later paperback editions of The Fog and The Rats
  • ConanConan and the Emerald Lotus
  • Ruby Jean JensenSmoke
  • William W. JohnstoneBats, Night Mask, and a first edition of The Devil’s Heart
  • Stephen King – First paperback editions of Cujo, Firestarter, Eyes of the Dragon, IT, and Misery with stepback art, plus a couple first edition hardcovers, Four Past Midnight and Nightmares & Dreamscapes
  • Dean R. Koontz – Two editions of Twilight Eyes, the first pb edition, and an oversized illustrated limited edition hardcover
  • A.R. Morlan – scans of The Amulet and Dark Journey have been added to her obituary
  • John RussoReturn of the Living Dead, UK edition
  • Peter StraubFloating Dragon, first edition hardcover
  • Karl Edward WagnerThe Year’s Best Horror Stories IX
  • J.N. WilliamsonThe Queen of Hell
  • T.M. WrightThe Ascending and The Place

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