March 29, 2023


Are you a collector of horror fiction? Would you like to contribute some cover scans to the site? Feel free to drop us a line using the Contact form.

We are happy to link back to sites that provide scans.  Got a blog with tons of cool stuff? Let us use your scans and we’ll link back to your blog! Are you a writer with a cool collection that you’d like to share? If you make high resolution scans of anything you’d like to share, we’ll be happy to give you credit and link back to your site.

A few guidelines:

  • We are mostly interested in scans of material published prior to the year 2000, with few exceptions.
  • Scans must be full color and at least 200 dpi.  We prefer 300 dpi.
  • Pre-cropped images would be best, but don’t crop too much — some ragged page or cover edges add character.
  • Create an archive (ZIP or RAR) file of all images for submission and send one file only.
  • Use of a Dropbox account is best for file transfer; otherwise we can work something out.

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