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Gallery Updates

I started Realms of Night just over four years ago, in June 2015, to share my love for horror and fantasy paperbacks. Now here we are, and look what’s happened to the world of paperback collecting! This is an exciting time to be a paperback horror collector in particular. These lurid little books finally have their day in the sun.

Another note worthy of mention — this is the 101st post on Realms of Night! It’s been an off-and-on again project for me as life happens, but I have sincerely enjoyed the conversations and people I’ve met online since I’ve undertaken this endeavor. I wish there was more time to post, but it becomes increasingly apparent our kids will be grown up and leaving us sooner than we’d like. I want to be there to enjoy every moment between now and then. I’m also pursuing a Master of English degree, which effectively drains a lot of the spare time I used for updating the site. This has a direct impact on the length and depth of the articles I will post going forward, but I think the important thing is to share the scans.

I said in the beginning that my goal was simply to share scans of my horror and fantasy library, so there really was an end in sight … and there still is. It’s just taking a little longer to get there. It doesn’t help that I keep buying more books! Which brings us to the reason we’re here.

Below are scans of books that I have added to existing posts on the site. A couple are replacements; the rest are new.

An important note: the new R.L. Stine and Nicholas Pine scans were provided by our friends at Retro Reads, so please check them out!

The scans are below, but the individual posts I have updated are listed here:

With the exception of the scans provided by Retro Reads (noted above), these cover scans are from the library of Christopher Fulbright. Please note that Realms of Night has an eBay page with monthly horror auctions. Follow our page and save us as a favorite seller for updates.




Gallery Updates

It’s been about six months since I updated any galleries, but it certainly seems like longer. For that matter, it’s been two months since I posted anything here at all. Life happens, and lately it happens a lot. Nothing bad, fortunately; we just have a lot of stuff going on. I have begun work on a Master of English degree, so, in combination with being a father of four, slave to four cats, dutiful husband, and full time employee, time is at a premium. That said, I have tons of author-specific scans all ready to go — I just need to find time to frame the galleries with some mini bios. I was also delayed due to a server move for the site. It was a long ugly story that left me a little raw in my relationship with my web host. After a painful process to get everything ironed out, it seems I am now limited in the sizes of files I can upload. Anyway, I’ll continue to post when I can. We’ll get there!

This time around I have scans of new acquisitions and some replacement scans for books that weren’t in great shape. The Leisure gallery gets another boost this time around. I get questions when I post, so to answer these in advance, some of these items go straight to the “For Sale” pile. Others end up in my permanent collection. I post eBay listings about once a month, usually near the end of the month. You can find me on eBay here: https://www.ebay.com/usr/realmsofnight.

Now, without further ado, new cover scans have been added to the following galleries:

Gallery Updates

About 10 months have passed since I last updated any galleries with scans of new acquisitions, so here’s an update. The site was on temporary hiatus the past couple of months.  The reason for the inactivity is explained on my personal Web site here. Suffice to say, things are gearing up again. The Twitter feed is alive, the Facebook page is being updated again, and I’ll start working on new scans and articles for our subscribers as time allows. I am also planning a paperback sale on eBay in late March or early April, so keep your eyes peeled.

New cover scans have been added to the following galleries:


Gallery Updates

It’s been seven or eight months since I have updated any galleries, so I figured I should go ahead and get these scanned before I fall farther behind.  New covers have been added to the following galleries:

The new images are collected below.