Jack MacLane

MacLaneJack-CriderBill-authorphotoJack MacLane is a pseudonym of the American mystery author Bill Crider, who wrote five horror novels for Zebra Books in the horror hey-day. His first horror novel for Zebra was Keepers of the Beast, published in 1988. He followed up with four more novels including Goodnight Moom (1989), Blood Dreams (1989), Rest In Peace (1990), and Just Before Dark (1990).  They have been re-released in recent years by Crossroads Press in ebook editions.

Bill Crider is a prolific author with more than 50 novels to his credit, mostly mysteries.  His first novel, Too Late to Die, was published in 1986 and won the Anthony Award for Best First Novel. It also kicked off his popular Sheriff Dan Rhodes series, which runs to this day. The latest book in the series (as of this writing), Between the Living and the Dead, was released in hardcover by Minotaur Books in August 2015.

Crider is a noted book collector and scholar of noteworthy accomplishments. He earned a Masters Degree from the University of North Texas in Denton, and earned a Ph.D. from The University of Texas in Austin, writing his dissertation on the hardboiled detective novel. He taught English at Howard Payne University in Brownwood, Texas for 12 years, and then served as the Chairman of the Division of English and the Fine Arts at Alvin Community College. He currently lives in Alvin, Texas with his wife and their three cats. You can find his website here.

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These cover scans are from the library of author Christopher Fulbright.

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