June 6, 2023

Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson was a pseudonym for the New Zealand-born British author Marc Alexander, who wrote a long list of non-fiction books about the history of Britain, including its mystical and haunted places, and a book called To Anger the Devil, a biography of Reverend Dr. Donald Omand. Omand was a renowned exorcist and vicar retired from the Church of England. He reportedly performed exorcisms not only on people, but on haunted places, including Loch Ness and the Bermuda Triangle.

Not much biographical information can be found on Marc Alexander, except that he wrote non-fiction, wrote fiction as Mark Ronson, and was born in New Zealand in 1929. This information comes courtesy of A Dictionary of Literary Pseudonyms in the English Language.  He wrote a handful of novels that were originally published by Hamlyn in the UK between 1978 and 1981 — BloodthirstGhoul, Ogre, and Plague Pit. They were re-released in the U.S. by Critics Choice, which almost exclusively reprinted UK horror novels for American audiences in the late 1980s.

To browse the list of Mark Ronson titles currently available, click here.

Except for the UK edition of Ogre, which came from Amazon.co.uk, these cover scans are from the library of author Christopher Fulbright.

Christopher Fulbright

Christopher Fulbright is the author of short stories, novellas, and full-length novels of fantasy and horror. His short stories have appeared in many venues--webzines, magazines, and anthologies--since 1993. Fulbright received the Richard Laymon President's Award in 2008 from the HWA, and his short stories have received honorable mentions in "The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror" and "Best Horror of the Year." He is a former journalist turned technical writer, an unrepentant horror fan, and owner/webmaster of Realms of Night.

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3 thoughts on “Mark Ronson

  1. Yesterday I finished Bloodthirst and quite liked it. Much vampirism, narcolepsy, a journalist, a romance and a shady doctor named Stromberg. Also the prologue is fine and lots of allusions to old lores (Dracula, Bathory). Nice blast from the past. Classic horror pulp and entertaining to read. The other books are on my list too. Thanks Christopher with providing me with some background information on the author. Your site is awesome. I’m often here since I am a horror fan since the 80s. All the best, Peter

      1. You’re very welcome, Christopher. I got so much inspiration from your site and am hunting down many books and authors you describe here on your phenomenal site. Horror always was my favourite genre and you’re site leads way back to the Golden Age of Horror in the 80s. Great to see all those fantastic book covers. By the way Mark Ronson books are sold now under his real name Mark Alexander. They are available as e-books. When you have Kindle Unlimitted they are free to borrow! My next Ronson will be Plague Pit (right topic now). All the best and stay safe too, Peter

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